Parenting Coordinator

Parenting Coordinator is a conflict resolution process especially designed for high-conflict couples and their children. The Parenting Coordinator is a highly skilled, experienced professional who either has a Master’s degree in social work, counseling or some other helping profession, or is an attorney in good standing with the Florida Bar.

Role of The Parenting Coordinator

The Parenting Coordinator has many roles, but, first and foremost, he will assist parents in implementing their parenting plan or, if they do not have one, help them create one. The PC facilitates conflict resolution, provides education in parenting skills, communication skills, the adverse effects of stress and conflict on children, and holds the parents accountable for their actions.

Depending on the circuit, a Parenting Coordinator must be either ordered by the Court, or can be engaged voluntarily.  See the link below for The Florida Supreme Court’s form Order of Referral to Parenting Coordinator.

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Order of Referral to Parenting Coordinator

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