Music Business

It’s a whole new world in the music business.  Live performances, recording and distribution of musicians has changed remarkably, complicating the music business incredibly in a very short period of time.

The term “music business” is also much more complicated than the idea of musicians signing contracts and recording albums – it covers everything from wedding bands to music teachers to songwriting and publishing disputes to disputes between artists and producers.  A mediator who understands this and the unique challenges of the music business in general can help parties resolve differences without legal actions, which can be slow and expensive.

We can help resolve disputes involving royalty splits, copyright ownership, contracts, rights reversions, disputes between songwriters and publishers, artists and record companies, managers and artists, music teachers and institutions, and much more.

Live Music Festivals and Music Theme Cruises are a particular interest of ours.  We have the ability to help resolve disputes between investors, partners, venues, performers and consumers.

The music business has many peculiar facets and legalities that most people – and most mediators – do not understand.  We do, and we can help guide parties engaged in a dispute over money, rights, or contractual obligations to a fruitful discussion that leaves the power in their hands – not the courts.

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