Business Incorporation and Partnership

A business partnership is about creating value for you, your partners, and your employees. Business partnerships usually begin in a spirit of optimism and camaraderie, but sometimes this spirit sours for a variety of reasons. Partners who no longer work well with each other stop creating value and begin damaging the business they’ve worked so hard to build up.

Alternate Dispute Resolution for business partnerships can stem the damage and give your business a chance to work out differences without hurting revenues, business value, or employee salaries either through bitter court battles or simple day to day dysfunction in the office. When active partners in a business stop working together, everything about the business suffers. If left untreated, disputes between partners can become a cancer that destroys the business itself.

There is rarely a clear right or wrong when it comes to partner disputes. We seek to find the solution that will either get everyone pulling the oars in the same direction or allow everyone to go their separate ways in a civil and constructive manner. Ending a partnership doesn’t have to destroy everything you’ve built together. Our goal in mediating partner disputes is to first try to put everyone back to work with a satisfactory compromise, then to preserve the value of your business as much as possible while a separation or dissolution is overseen.

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