Same-sex couples often face similar legal issues when compared with opposite sex couples, but they also face some unique challenges.  Going through traditional legal measures to resolve differences may not be an ideal route for same-sex couples, but Broward County mediation offers a flexible and valuable alternative.

When the Defense of Marriage Act was repealed earlier this year, same sex couples can now reap the 1,138 benefits afforded to married individuals across the country (an exception is for couples that were married in states allowing same-sex marriage who relocate to other states that do not allow gay marriage).  Getting married and divorced is now much easier for all couples.  Some same-sex couples elect not to marry, but they may still have legal needs during their relationship or at the time of relationship termination.

Any relationship ending usually results in challenges and problems for one or both parties.  The problems are exacerbated for a couple who decides to end their relationship in a state where marriage rights are not afforded to them.  It’s unclear what rules are applicable in these situations, and going through litigation can be expensive and time-consuming.  In general, litigation is not in the best interest for either party, whereas Broward County mediation provides a neutral and private atmosphere that can be beneficial to both individuals.

In family mediation, you’ll have the opportunity to get the crux of the issues in your current relationship or recently dissolved relationship.  Since most mediation hearings are private and confidential, you can keep your family matters private from start to finish, allowing you to emerge from mediation with confidence and peace of mind about the issues.

The whole process is led by a mediator who doesn’t take sides or issue decisions for your case.  Rather, the mediator works with you to talk through relevant issues without getting sidetracked by nonessential issues.  Through mediation, each party has the opportunity to share their side of the story in an informal and fair atmosphere, arriving at rational decisions for the future.  There are many issues that might come up in same-sex mediation hearing, including civil union agreements, domestic partnerships, legal concerns in a same-sex marriage, cohabitation agreements, and child custody.

Working directly with a mediator who is experienced in the law and in the alternative dispute resolution process can be a very positive experience for same-sex couples.  Resolve your dispute privately with a compassionate mediator today.